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Frozen foods

If your shopping to stock up on prepared dishes or frozen foods, then visit our frozen food section where you’ll find an abundant array of products ranging from vegetables to desserts. Our state of the art cooling equipment keeps specialized sections at specific temperatures that are just right for the products displayed. Watch for special advertisments in this section which allow you take advantage to great savings on our already competetive pricing as well as to opt to buy in quantity from some of our most popular frozen products.

Make sure to pick up some of our deleicous plump pierogis while shopping in the frozen food section. You’ll surely find your favorite pierogis stuffed with generous portions of meats or different fruits or maybe cabbage; you’ll want to try some of each.


Our organic products represent the best of their type for an enriched nutritional diet, devoid of artificial flavoring, coloring, or chemicals. Our milk and dairy products, including nurtured eggs, provide the truly unique taste and wholesome benefit only available in foods produced the way they were intended: naturally.