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In addition to fresh meat products, Shop & Save carries a full line of cured meats, smoked meat and fish, and sausages including our own version of the world famous kielbasa. Each product provides it own unique flavor, texture, and taste which will intrigue and delight the most distinguished palate.

In the same department, you’ll find a wide variety of domestic and imported cheeses appropriate for any occasion. Our cheeses provide a tasteful and healthy alternative to prepared snack food and can be prepared in a variety of ways. Cheeses may be prepared as a fondue, slowly simmered to the consistency of sauce and suitable for dipping meats or bread. Try a combination of different sliced cheeses right in your salads for a delightful change. A simple combination of cheese, wine, bread, and company make for an enticingly, though simple, romantic repast.

Talking about salads, our cured meats section also provides a wide variety of prepared salads guaranteed to supplement any meal. Our salads are created by our own experienced chefs at Shop & Save who use time tested recipes to insure both consistency and quality from among our salad selections.


Our organic products represent the best of their type for an enriched nutritional diet, devoid of artificial flavoring, coloring, or chemicals. Our milk and dairy products, including nurtured eggs, provide the truly unique taste and wholesome benefit only available in foods produced the way they were intended: naturally.